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Based on: 3 reviews
Blue Cab
1417 Oakland Park Avenue,
Columbus, Ohio 43224
(614) 236-4444


Last updated 8.12.2011

Specialties Other: Student & Senior Discounts, Minivans Available, Corporate Accounts

Keywords: Taxi Services, Limos & Shuttles

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Taxi number #832 almost ran me off the freeway this am. If they think this is acceptable, I would rather use another service and put my life in someone elses hands.

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Horrible service - a 5.5 mile trip turned into a $40 fee because the cabbie couldn't even find his way out of the parking lot, didn't speak English or know how to follow a GPS. I had to get my own GPS out and tell him where to go!!! Never ever us this service!!!

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Terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE!!!!! The cab comes late, the drivers don't know right from left, they are unfamiliar with the area. If you are a cabdriver, you are supposed to be familiar with the area that you are taking passengers to!!!! WTF?? What's more, I had a cab driver a couple of weeks ago who sort of came onto me. He was telling me, "I love you!! You're smart and cute!!" WTF????!!!! God help anyonw who travel with Blue Cab

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