The Bentley Limo

Like the beautiful Rolls Royce, the Bentley limousine offers unparalleled luxury for those seeking nothing but the best for the special event or night out on the town. From a classic to a more modern sedan, the Bentley allows you to be chauffeured around in the style, grace, and elegance you deserve.


Sporting its iconic winged “B” logo, the Bentley is a British line of automobiles that has been producing luxury vehicles for close to 100 years. Like the Rolls Royce, it is synonymous with wealth, but thanks to limousine rental services, anyone can have a chance to experience all that Bentley has to offer.

When renting a Bentley limo, you will typically have two choices, classic or contemporary. Not every company that offers these vehicles carries classics, so if you’re dead set on being carted around in an elegant 1956 classic sedan, you should call around to make sure someone in your area carries them.

Unlike standard stretch limousines, Bentley’s typically do not seat more than 4-5 individuals. While the interior is spacious, Bentley’s generally do not come in “stretch” options. As such, renting one is often the action of a couple seeking to make their special night even more special. Both classic and contemporary Bentley’s offer many of the same amenities, such as a bar, stereo and televisions, sun roofs, and much more.

For a "longer" option, you can go with the Baby Bentley limousine, which is the stretch version of a Bentley. Available only as a contemporary model, a Baby Bentley offers the same unparalleled luxury as a standard stretch limousine, yet with the only the class that Bentley can offer. It features plenty of room, full bars, televisions, stereo system, and yes, even suicide doors. It's the perfect choice when a standard limo just won't cut it. 

Given their appearance, classic Bentley limousines are perfect for weddings. They often come in white and, with the grace and elegance only a Bentley can offer, is a perfect vehicle to complement the magic of your special day. A more contemporary Bentley would be ideal for business functions, such as picking up that wealthy investor at the airport, or for merely cruising around the town in style with your friends as you hop from bar to bar thanks to your own personal chauffeur.

Posted on July 3, 2012 at 9:00 AM