Getting A Limo for Prom

For teenage boys and girl, prom is a serious affair, and for some, it’s an indicator of status. The boys often get matching tuxedos so they can roll in with style while the girls spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a dress, makeup, and hair, all so they can stand out as the most beautiful girl at the prom. Of course, none of this means anything if your dad drops you off or your boyfriend picks up in his beater ‘88 Geo missing hubcaps and reeking of weed. The answer to this problem is a limo.


A limo is a common occurrence around prom season, with this country’s thousands of graduating seniors pulling out all the stops so as to arrive at this once in a lifetime dance opportunity in style. Of course, you don’t want to be left in a lurch because you didn’t plan ahead. Prom season is one of the busiest times for limo rental companies, so it’s suggested that you reserve your limo upwards of two months in advance to avoid disappointing your precious angel.

The price of a limo on prom night can skyrocket pretty fast, especially if demand is high. To save on the cost, you should work closely with the parents of every child who plans to ride in the limo to see if they’re all willing to split the price of the limo. After all, it’s only fair. If this doesn’t work, then your best course of action is to make your darling child work off the cost by doing chores around the house. The price of the limo will also vary greatly depending on how many individuals will be riding in it; a small limo seating only 6-12 people will be far cheaper than a large party bus designed to accommodate upwards of 50 rowdy prom-goers.

Depending on your location, there are typically a number of limo rental surfaces to choose from. Before selecting a company, you should always do plenty of research to ensure the one you choose is well-respected and won’t leave your son or daughter stranded, or, if they’re really busy, cancel your reservation the day of in favor of one offering more money. You should also make sure they’re properly insured, lest an unfortunate accident should occur. Finally, you should also ask plenty of questions concerning the drivers and, if possible, ask to speak to the driver beforehand to lay down some ground rules.

A limo for prom is an ideal choice if your child and his or her friends intends to attend an after party, be it at a club or a friends house. The driver will see that they get there safely, as well as return home at the agreed upon hour. If this is the case, make sure you inquire about discounts, as a lot of limo companies offer discounted pricing if going to specific destinations.

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Posted on June 22, 2012 at 9:00 AM