Travel in Celebrity Style with a Hummer Limo Rental

If you’ve ever watched any celebrity gossip show or read any celebrity rag, then you’re often bombarded with images of wealthy celebrities rolling around in a stretch Humvee limousine, drinking Cristal, and doing their best not to make extended eye contact with all the bootyshaking. Perhaps you think it’s outrageous, but everyone secretly longs for the opportunity to spend a night cruising the downtown streets as they party in the back of a vehicle as big as some dive bars.  

In order to feel as such, you need to splurge and rent yourself a deluxe stretch Hummer limo. These vehicles are similar to regular stretch limos with the key difference being that they’re way cooler. Not only can they hold way more people than a stretch limo - up to 5 times as many, with some being able to accommodate close to 100 people - but they have a number of amenities not typically found in one. These include, but are not limited to: stripper poles, disco balls, strobe light systems, DJ booths, fog machines, and big screen televisions with surround sound and Blu-ray players. All that’s missing is a champagne room.

Speaking of champagne, due to their size, stretch Hummer limos come fully equipped with a large bar for all your alcohol needs, as well as any necessary items to help. This includes champagne flutes to toast your special occasion, rock glasses, and decanters to store your top shelf booze. There’s plenty of space for all of your booze, and the bar is often large enough to accommodate several people. Add in over 200 inches of stretch seating running the length of the limo (on both sides!), and you have plenty of room for you and all your friends to party late into the night.

If you’re going to party like a celebrity, you need good tunes. Stretch Hummer limos typically come equipped with an amazing stereo system, complete with several CD players for a bit of variety and, depending on the system, iPod and other MP3 player hookups. Variety is the spice of life, so when you’re done listening to your tunes as you cruise up and down the Vegas strip, you can pop in a DVD and watch Scarface while you pretend to be someone you’re not.

Renting a stretch Humvee can be expensive, but with the right number of people partying, the relative cost can be much cheaper after a night out on the town. In addition, it eliminates the need for a designated driver, which greatly reduces the risk of you or your friends getting into an unfortunate accident while driving home for the evening.

Posted on June 29, 2012 at 9:00 AM