Luxury Limo Worthy Occasions

Reserving a luxury limo isn’t an everyday affair. While most would love the opportunity to ride around in a big, fancy luxury stretch limousine on a daily basis, most are reserved solely for special occasions or events that require more than your beat up Honda to cart you around.



When it comes to reserving a luxury limousine, nothing beats prom. Taking place in late Spring and considered to be one of the busiest times of the year for limo companies, thousands of young adults convince their parents to rent them a limousine so they and their friends can arrive and depart in style. Sadly, booze, which is one of the perks of a limousine rental that makes you feel like a king, is typically off limits due to the passengers being underage (unless they’re all 18 and in a country where the legal drinking age is 18).

Limos are also frequently rented out for weddings. While many simply prefer to drive themselves, the bride and groom often rent a limousine to take them from their homes to the location of the ceremony, then from the ceremony to the reception (if it’s held in a separate location). The limo also gets some use after the wedding, with many couples renting one to take them to the airport when they embark on their honeymoon. Many limo companies offer wedding packages, which typically include a white stretch limo, a “red carpet,” decorations, and champagne. A wedding is a memorable occasion, so why not remember it in style?

It may not seem like a worthy occasion, but renting a limo to pick you up and take you home after a long flight is one way to forget about all the stress that has followed you on your business trip. Long flights tend to wear people out, and driving home in the dark while jet lagged and exhausted is never a safe thing to do, and renting a limo can definitely help with that. You will get your own personal chauffeur who will be waiting for you at the airport. Once you get in the limo, just sit back and relax and let the worry that comes with the end of a long business trip wash away while you enjoy luxury seating and even a cool alcoholic beverage.

Finally, like the airport limo, a night out on the town,particularly to commemorate a special occasion, is certainly a worthy reason to rent a limousine. Common in Vegas and bachelor(ette) parties, renting a limousine to cart you around from bar to bar is not only a fun way to enjoy a night out, but a safe way. You don’t have to worry about finding a designated driver, and you don’t need to worry about getting home in the evening should you not have one. A limo driver will pick up and drop off everyone in the party, and while it might be a bit more than you want to spend, it’s almost guaranteed that the extra money is worth it.

Whatever the reason for renting a limo is, so long as you think it’s worthy, then it is.

Posted on June 26, 2012 at 9:00 AM