The Benefits of Getting a Party Bus Limo

A night out on the town, especially on those nights celebrating a major milestone, shouldn’t be met with worry. Picking people up, fighting traffic, and worrying how you’re going to get home is never something you should have to think about when all you want to do is celebrate and have a good time with your closest friends. Thankfully, if money really isn’t an option, or if the night is too special to be left up to the fates, then a party bus may be your answer.


A party bus limo is a modified bus or coach typically used as a mobile bar - it will pick people up at a pre-determined location (or at individual homes), and will take you to a destination of your choice. These destinations often include dances such as prom, weddings, strip clubs, or just generic bars. Along the way the participants are privy to what amounts to a giant party in a moving vehicle

Why get a party bus? Well, they’re downright fun. Many are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and furnishings, including surround sound, televisions, DVD players, video games, and more. Some even have stripper poles installed, proving uninhibited friends make for a much better time than spending hundreds of dollars at a strip club. Some party bus limos even include smoke machines, disco balls, strobe lights, and - get this - a restroom.

For big nights, the benefits of getting a party bus are myriad. First off, they greatly reduce the chances of anyone in your party drinking too much and foolishly getting behind the wheel of a car. Drunk driving is no laughing matter, and when everyone in the party wants to partake in the festivities, then a party bus is the ideal choice. In addition, a party bus will prevent the need for shelling out money for cab fare, or dropping hundreds of dollars on overpriced booze at a bar. There’s also no parking to deal with, which is always good when you live in a heavily populated downtown area.

A party bus can also be a great way to show off a little, especially in the business world. While a traditional limo or stretch SUV is great, a party bus is a great alternative to break up the monotony of everyday corporate life. This holds especially true in a place such as Vegas. Nothing says “we appreciate you” like a party bus picking you up at your hotel and driving you around the glitz and glamor of Sin CIty.

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Posted on June 22, 2012 at 9:00 AM