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Based on: 2 reviews
Ground Transport Limousine Service
2023 W Chestnut St,
Louisville, Kentucky 40203
(502) 643-1691


Last updated 6.28.2012


Keywords: Limos & Shuttles

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Posted by
Kay's Mom

I totally agree with the previous post! My daughter was in this limo as well-and I will happily be a witness in court! My advice-NEVER use this limo service! What a joke!

Posted by
Sha's Mom

DO NOT USE this service. They are VERY late, rude, and driving an old run down over 20 years old Lincoln Town stretch Limo. They showed pictures of a couple of nice limos and then sent this crappy one. It is dirty rusty and well probably you could buy one on eBay for the price they charged! My son's prom was ruined as it upset him since he was the one who got the limo service for his group. The limo was in sad shape and to be honest the teens didn't want photos or to be seen in that hunk of junk. They even asked to be dropped off away from the entrance to the prom so they wouldn't be embarrassed. We are going to small claims as we also had to go and pick up our son, and the other parents had to pick up their children also. The teens were left stranded because the limo company (actually a home run place no company, found out after the deposit) claimed they broke their CD player which was already broken! They wanted them to pay for it and they would come. Yes, a small claims court action will follow!!! AGAIN DO NOT USE!

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