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Green Cab of Medford
Medford, Massachusetts 02155
(781) 393-8888


Last updated 6.28.2012

Year Founded: 1977


Keywords: Mass Transit, Taxi Services, Limos & Shuttles

Professional Associations: Airport Specialists

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Very good reasonable flat rate to Logan Taxi or no Taxi!!!!!! You know the last young lady who wrote a bad comment doesn't probaly understand that the Taxi rates in Medford have gone threw the roof and a flat rate to logan is so much better than having it on the meter! I live in West Medford and the last time i took yellow or blue cab from grove st at 7 am with traffic it was $46.90 and with no traffic and in the middlle of the day it was $42.40 on the meter! From the Hyatt in Medford Sq. on the meter is $37.60 and from the Wellington Area it's around $32.20 on the meter! Both company's from my experiance are good but run referbished 15 to 25 year old junk police car's that are repainted to have a new effect but should have been pulled of the road year's ago from there unsafe and continueous break downs! Green Cab's fleet are updated newer car's that I and my family have found very safe and comfortable! There flat rates system is run threw a G.P.S. satalites and is the cheapest in the city and there's no waiting time at light's with meter's clicking like the other 2. There rates compaired to the other 2 are $ 6 the first mile and $4. each additional . The other 2 start at $6.80 the first mile and $4.40 each additional so If a flat rate off $30 or $35 dollars is gonna break ya from any where in Medford in a Lincon town car or a nice Crown Vic. to Logan ya got issues ! God Bless America

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This isn't a taxi service. This is a livery and car service. There is no meter. You have to negotiate a price yourself and if you are wise, you'll do it beforehand.

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