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On the Move Systems, Inc., The Tie for Limousines

Our mission is to connect travelers with the transportation and logistics booking services they need more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

Mysterious Mercedes 600 six-door Landaulet auctioned

There are aspiring project cars, and then there is this: a 1971 Mercedes-Benz600 Six-Door Pullman Landaulet that was offered at RM Auctions' Retromobile sale in Paris last Feb. 5.

OMVS On Demand Limousine Booking Solutions

OMVS with joint venture partner JetSet Car Service, latterly joined a provider network that connects nearly 2000 limousine operators around the world in 24 countries.

Westin Singapore Goes Green Fuel Limousine

In Singapore, The Westin Singapore a newly-opened hotel is using old cooking oil to keep its Limousines moving.

Interview Video that Revealed 17 Years of Hockey Limo Accident

The revelation interview of the limousine car crash which happened last 1997 before the Stanley Cup

Purposely Crashing: Slava Fetisov Reveals Driver Thoughts

Slava Fetisov from the infamous 1997 Detroit Red Wings thinks the limousine driver crashed the car on purpose.

About Limo A2Z and What it Can Offer

Limo A2Z is a limousine service company based in Miami Dade area.

A2Z Limousine Illustrate Services in Infographic

To better explain their services to customers, A2Z Limousine services has created a very informational infographic that is attractive and creative.

Aall In Limo Thanks Customers With Statistics

The San Diego County based limousine called Aall In Limo has been known as an award-winning limousine company.

Los Banos Recognizes New Laws Implemented

Drivers and motorists can now adapt to the newly implemented law in California Highway as the California Highway Patrol releases a safety related law.

Google Cars Now Infectious

Since the Google Car has been out in the market, more self-driving cars are coming in trend.

Sneak Peak of Mercedes Benz 2015 Limousine

The S-Class from Mercedes-Benz has always been one of the sedans to look out for and it seems like it could get better this coming 2015 for Mercedes-Benz themselves are making a long limousine version of it.

The Chinese Always has Interesting Limousines

Two Hongqi CA770 limousines were spotted in Beijing Tuning Street.

What AAC is All About

AW Rostamani Group holds Arabian Automobiles Company.

East Coast Limousines Make Worldwide Deals

With its luxurious inventory coming in every year, East Coast Worldwide Limousine luxury services has ensured that they would be part of that premium branding by purchasing a fleet of Infiniti QX60.

Out of Shape Limousines Running Around Penang

Penang's 250 limousine fleet around the airport is not completely in good news.

Proof that Cadillacs are Special

Here are a few proofs why people look up to this specific limousine.

Artists with Limousines

It has been very common for artists to use vehicles like sports cars and limousines in their music videos or their arrival in parties to make an appeal to the public.

State Officials Luxury Vehicles in Europe

The privilege of having limousines is being voted to be reduced to the state officials as the house finance committee amends the parliament for some cost cutting in he government.

Over 20 New Models from Mercedes-Benz Limo in China

The boost in sales is the target of any car dealer and Mercedes-Benz plans on doing the same thing by introducing 20 more vehicles in the market starting in China.