Eureka Council Sets Limo Regulations

Last Monday, Eureka Springs was introduced to a new proposal – a regulation of limousines.

The said proposal arose due to some conflicts within taxi services and limousine services. When one of the limo services promoted a low cost ride, Eureka Springs Taxi Service started to lose customers and had low profits. This event had led him to complain to the Eureka Councils and city officials about limousines.

It was hard to compete with a $5 dollar limo rate for 12 hours so who could blame taxi owner, David “Fuzzy” White for such complaints?

"This was launched because we were said to be infringing upon his business and operating as a taxi. The City Council was shutting us down, so for two months I've gotten the runaround about getting a taxi service started." said Cody Steussy, owner of Abundant Enterprises.

The City Council had decided to require limousines to charge an hourly rate for consumers with a minimum charge of 2 hours rate, hence have made the 5-dollar promo illegal in Eureka Springs.

"I stopped the service as soon as I found out they drafted the ordinance. The $5 was gravy for us. And it's OK, but there is still room for more than one taxi service here. I've been getting the runaround for the last two months trying to get a Certificate of Necessity from the city, but I feel like they are shutting us down." said Steussy.

On a regular rate, Abundant Enterprises Limousine Service is at $125 an hour and can be rented for weddings and special events.

"We were more or less operating as a taxi service, and it wasn't a bad thing, but in my opinion they should open it up to other taxi services," she said. "Ethically, I shut down when they drafted it, but I think we all need to work together."

Posted by Diane Araga, on June 29, 2012 at 9:00 AM