Limo Pair Keeps Intoxicated Out of Site

A 25 year old boy named Davis Evans was once held at a house arrest due to a guilty charge of drinking and driving. The said incident had not only taught him a good lesson but has also inspired him to influence more people in keeping inebriated people off the road.

“I was in a whole bunch of trouble, and that’s when I had the idea,” said Evans.

The idea was short, clean and volunteer work. It was to keep drunken people safe, avoid accidents and car crashes (like the one he experienced) and giving them a ride home with a brand new limousine. Together with his father, they will be giving these intoxicated strangers a free ride home in a 1992 Lincoln Town Car.

“What people are going to get is a nice, safe ride home,” said his father, Jerry Evans. Though Jerry was never a fan of alcohol, he saw the brilliance in the idea his son had.

“I’ve never had a drink in my life,” he said. “I’m from a family of alcoholics, and I decided early on that I didn’t want to have any part of it.”

What made David Evans decide on such commitment was not only the house arrest but the all in all consequences of drinking and driving.

He experienced a dangerous car wreck, having his passenger’s neck injured, paying a lot of fines and fees, going to jail, losing his license, and being on 4-year probation.

“I think I’m mostly done with drinking, but I know that I am completely done with drinking and driving,” he said.

The chauffeur service will be called “Drunks Against DUIs” and plans to start by mid July.

To police officers, the idea is good and has seen it as a support to what they promote to the public. “This is totally in line with what we’ve always said,” Sgt John Umenhofer said. “Any time a drunk driver is kept off the road, it’s a good thing.”

Other than going around the streets, shuttle services will be provided to those drunken University of Oregon students and partnerships with Taverns are already lined up.

“I’m all for it. The fact that it involves a limo “is a unique grab,” said Dan Revell, owner of White Horse Tavern.

But of course, not everything is for free in this world, or else the Evanses won’t have the funds to eat. Behind all these free shuttle services, email systems are organized by the duo that will mostly promote their other businesses such as their fitness center, day spa services, massage therapies, and their group coupon website.

“By giving people a ride home, we get to contact them and let them know about the other things we’re doing,” he said, with the assurance of customer’s privacy.

All costs will be recognized as marketing campaigns and as part of their coupon website. In addition, sponsors are being sought by the duo for gas and maintenance. 

Posted by Diane Araga, on July 13, 2012 at 9:00 AM