One Limousine Company Upgrades its High Class service to High Tech

Companies nowadays are getting extremely creative and competitive. Though some who maximizes their strengths, some who expand through knowledge and some who adapt to the ever fast growing developments of technologies that make life more comfortable for consumers, and KLS Transportation Services is one of them.

This Los Angeles based company had cleverly made use of the latest technology to provide utmost care for customers by adding a new electronic dispatch system in their company. Each driver is now empowered with new Samsung Galaxy Tablets that not only record the passenger’s whole experience but also has the complete details of the trip, including information on its pick up, destination and other details necessary for paper work.

The new system has made the company much more organized and have better communication between the office and the drivers, where in professionalism is very well reflected.

KLS Transportation Services has been one of the leading limo service companies and now we know why. Other than being updated with high tech gadgets, KLS also promotes eco-friendly technologies by using Hybrid cars such as Mercedes-Benz s400 Hybrid Sedan.
Posted by Diane Araga, on August 1, 2012 at 9:00 AM