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Top Cat Limousine
11417 W Bernardo Ct ,
San Diego, California 92127
(858) 673-7555

About Us: Complete your wedding package with a luxurious transport service that you can find at Top Cat Limo San Diego. Here they specialize in special events like weddings, concerts, and other corporate socials. Get a free quote by calling 858-483-5466 and make this award winning limo service provider take part on your big day with comfort and satisfaction.


Last updated 8.12.2011

Products Other: San Diego Limo, Limousines for Birthdays, Weddings, Temecula Wine Tours

Specialties Other: Free Hour with Minimum Services

Year Founded: 1985

Other Contact Info: office@topcatlimo.com

Keywords: Tour Operators, Limos & Shuttles

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Are you serious? I guess I am just as much to blame... as much as this "scamming" company. You get what you pay for people. I called Top Cat for a client Christmas function and should have known from the moment the rude salesperson answered the phone to their ridiculous 50% non-refundable deposit at the time the service is ordered. I found out later that no RESPECTABLE transportation company has this policy. "Top Cat" locks you into a "policy"' so when the beat up clunker with the tore up interior shows up, (20 minutes late) you are Sh#t out of luck... AND they WILL tell you so. The chauffeur was wearing street clothes and was disheveled looking. Nothing compared to the out of date and beat up limo we got. It stank, and the "string" lights that change colors were hanging from the ceiling AND there were holes in the leather seats and carpet. I went with the "cheapest" rate and AGAIN, you get what you pay for people. I will never use Top Cat again, (CHEAP being the key word). I used another company called "Exec Limo",(Executive Limousine), last week for our employee company X-Mas gig and I could tell from the moment that I called, that there would be no problems. The salesperson was proffesional and genarally interested in what we were doing and what we needed. When he efficiently described the limo's and service in a positive light, he was not kidding. I recieved a contract within 5 minutes of our conversation and though I was told there is a small deposit, (72 hours from date of service), which is fair, I did not blink an eye. Great limo, great price and very proffesional driver. I dont think I could have taken another "butt chewing" from my boss after "Top Cats" debacle. Thanks for the NICE ride Exec! P.S. Found out that "Top Cats" highly touted "Voted Best Limo Company in San Diego", which is splashed all over their website, was over 8 years ago when owned by someone else! They have NOT been chosen since.

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A Yahoo! Local user

I recently had one of the worst limo experiences ever with this company. I come from out of town and I was really looking forward to my trip to Mexico. The trip started late-the limo came late with the wrong limo so then we had to wait for another limo. We crossed the border and were immediately LOST! We drove around Tijuana for nearly 3 hrs! We finally got to our restaurant to eat then went back to the limo that now had a DEAD battery. We crossed 2 tolls both of which he had NO money for. We reached the border and got our passports checked, and again the battery is DEAD!!! I mean WTF! We waited for about 1.5 hrs til 2 limos picked us up to go home. WHAT A DAY!!! I felt really bad for my cousin who was celebrating the big 30. It is certainly unforgetable. The biggest shocker is that my cousin has to pay the FULL fee for such an experience. They refused to give a discount, but will give a $200 gift certificate for future use. It doesn't take a scientist to answer this...but would you use them AGAIN????? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!

Posted by
A Yahoo! Local user

We had the WORST experience with this limo service this past weekend. We were celebrating a cousin's birthday and the plan was to have LUNCH at Puerto Nuevo, Mexico. The limo was supposed to get there at 1, and got there at almost 2. We had about 18 people (and they knew this!) and sent us a limo that could only fit 12 people!!!! So others had to drive. We then called the company to send us another limo that would accommodate us all. So we turned around and went back home, waited for the 2nd limo. So we didn't get on the road till about 430-5ish. We finally get across the border to Mexico and the driver gets LOST for like 3 hours in Tijuana. So lost, that one of my cousins had to hop in the front seat and try to help him find his way. We finally get on the right track, get to the restaurant, eat. Come back out, we see the limo with the hood up -- the driver says "uhh sorry guys, the car won't start". ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! He failed to take initiative to search for jumper cables, etc. He also failed to inform us of what was going on. We had to come out and find out for ourselves. The battery was dead. We had to get the car jumped, and it started. We get on our way back to the border, we're in line to cross back over.. get to the front, get our passports checked --- AND THE DUMB DRIVER TURNS OFF THE ENGINE!! You don't turn off the engine until you get to your destination if your car needed a jump!!! SO WE'RE STUCK BETWEEN MEXICO AND THE U.S BECAUSE THE LIMO WON'T START AGAIN!!!!... This day was a complete nightmare. They tried to jump the car again, but I don't think the dumb driver knew what he was doing. We had to have all of the border patrol officers push us to the side where we pretty much had to fend for ourselves. We called the manager of the limo company and he said he would send 2 limos to come get us - which took another 2 HOURS. And when we finally got the manager on the phone, he said we would still have to pay the full price, and gave us a $200 gift certificate for future use. FUTURE USE? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WE'LL NEVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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